2019 Trip To Yimbo

Volunteers and School Explore Development of a School Lunch Program.

The effects of climate change continue to affect Yimbo. The longer dry seasons and shorter rainy seasons have exacerbated food insecurity in the village. Muguna School attests to many families that can barely feed their children three square meals a day.
Majority of the students come to school hungry yet there is an expectation for them to focus on learning. These kids run home during lunch break only to get a sip of water and return to school. Read More

The Digital Promise Initiative

As of June 2018, the school had one mounted projector, speakers and desktop in the library. In addition, each teacher has been using a laptop for 2 years after attending three professional learning sessions. With support from Deno and Henry as technical support team, Muguna has exhibited tremendous growth in integrating Digital Learning, Academic Discourse and Risk-Taking in the classroom. Read More

Micro-Enterprise Opportunities Flourish

Paul, the local FOY coordinator continues to achieve success with small groups in Muguna Village. Paul’s entrepreneurial success is rooted in continuous mobilization and learning opportunities for  the village. His efforts have inspired the village around the idea of business enterprise development as a viable way out of extreme poverty. Read More

Muguna Students in Need of Classroom Supplies

Muguna’s enrollment is currently pushing on 474 students for a school that was built to accommodate 300 students. The government financial support has not caught up with the levels of growing need. As a result, the school lacks adequate facilities and instructional supplies. The July 2019 volunteers delivered over 800 pencils & erasers, 500 writing books, 600 reading books and 10 textbooks per classroom. Yes, that’s correct! The teachers only have 10 textbooks per classroom and these are required text books. Read More

Clean Water Reaches More Homes in Muguna

In Muguna, approximately 7 out of 100 individuals have access to clean water. FOY partnered with the village back in 2014 to sink a water well that has served some of the families. Since 2014, FOY has focused on getting individual homes water tanks to store rain water for filtration. Sponsor a household today to purchase a water tank. Read More


Other highlights:

Safaris in Masai Mara Game Reserve and Lake Nakuru National Park 

Visit to Barkanyango High school, which is Muguna Primary feeder school

Visit to Karen Blixen, Giraffe Center and Elephant Sanctuary in Nairobi


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