Determined to keep the momentum and promises made in 2009, Friends of Yimbo managed to send a small team of three volunteers to the village. FOY continued to develop the partnership with the village. We learn from each other and together the quality of life improves. Kaye, Carolyn and Mary become the mighty three volunteers for they accomplished so much.

Working together with the village, the three volunteers stocked the library with the much needed textbooks identified by the teachers. They spent time with the teachers learning how best to use the teaching manipulatives to improve instruction. Every student received a care package with toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by a Sacramento dentist as well as new school uniforms.

The newly formed village committee shared their vision for the village and how best they could partner with FOY. The village identified one household that was in dire need of support. It was woman taking care of her orphaned grand children living in a leaking house with no beds. The volunteers were able to assist the village in repairing the roof and purchasing some basic furniture. This showed how the village works together to take care of individuals whenever possible.