Education is a great source of pride that Joseph Odipo initiated in this community when he inspired the village to build Muguna Primary School (K-8 program) in the early 1980s. His vision was to provide opportunities for the children of Muguna Village through education.

At the beginning of the partnership with the village in 2007, FOY discovered that the school was the single uniting factor for the community. As a result, there was a mutual agreement in 2009 to jointly fund the construction of a library. The library houses a staff room and administrative offices. This library, the first of its kind in the region, has greatly impacted student achievement. Help us continue to add instructional materials to this library.

Every year during the exchange trip in Yimbo, FOY sponsors a two-day professional development program for teachers. The Muguna teachers get an opportunity to interact with educators from the U.S. and exchange teaching practices to improve instruction. Please help us purchase teaching supplies e.g. curriculum texts for teachers and writing materials for students.

FOY also established a comprehensive scholarship program that sponsors Muguna Primary graduates to proceed to a four-year secondary school program. We proudly share that our first scholarship recipient Henry, graduated with a BSc. degree in Bio Technology in 2016. Help us sponsor more students who can be the future developers of their village.

Many Muguna students discontinue their education after primary school due to the lack of school fees. Unfortunately, this trend contributes to the poverty cycle in the community. Our goal is to expand the FOY scholarship program to sponsor a total of ten students per year. While not all the sponsored students may end up in college, FOY believes that a high school education can provide them an opportunity to pursue vocational training.


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