Clean Safe Water

Water is indispensable for human health and crucial to sustainable development, the preservation of our natural environment, and the alleviation of poverty and hunger. Clean water is especially vital for a rural community like Yimbo that relies on small subsistence agriculture and fishing.



Access is the biggest impediment when it comes to rural health. Yimbo is no different. The nearest clinic is 10 miles away yet open only three days a week.



Back in the early 1980s, Joseph Odipo’s vision was to provide opportunities for the children of Muguna Village. The school was named after the only water pond in the village. The whole village at the time would draw water from this pond to quench their thirst. When the idea of starting a school dawned on the late Joseph Odipo and the community, the school was fittingly named Muguna.

Just like the pond, education could quench the thirst of knowledge in this village!

Muguna School Profile

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Latest Events

FOY Responds to Help Yimbo Fight COVID-19

May 18, 2020

When we asked for help on behalf of Yimbo, you responded. Here is how your donation supported Yimbo in response to COVID-19. COVID-19 Project from Friends of Yimbo on Vimeo.

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Economic Development

Microenterprise is an avenue for women and youth that not only provides self-employment and livelihood but helps supply goods and services to markets beyond Yimbo.

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