19 volunteers wrapped up another remarkable trip to Muguna Village in June 2016. During this trip, the volunteers worked alongside the people of Muguna to continue our FOY work in the focus areas of education, micro-enterprise, public health and clean water.

Thanks to your generous donations:

1. Held a book fair for the students and distributed Quilts (2000 books, 87 quilts and 300 toothbrushes/toothpaste)

2. Distributed over 200 Feminine Hygiene Kits for standard 7 and 8 girls

3. Construction of four toilets is underway at Muguna Primary

4. Installed a computer, ceiling fan, projector, mounted speakers, whiteboard and wall controls in the school library

5. Installed one computer for teachers in the staff room

6. Trained all teachers on technology use and free educational software content across curriculum

7. Painted the library, staff room, offices and all classroom blackboards

8. Distributed new school uniforms to 100 students in standard 1 and 2

9. Coordinated a women’s health screening (50) and physical checkups (141)

10. Ten women out of thirty in the microenterprise group received water tanks, gutters and associated fittings


Other highlights:

Safaris in Amboseli National Park, Tsavo West National Park, Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Boat rides at Lake Naivasha and Lake Victoria to watch hippos

A 7km bike safari in Hells Gate National Park and 5km hike

Visit to giraffe and elephant sanctuaries in Nairobi

3-day visit to the Island of Zanzibar

2016 Trip Calendar